Your life needs to take a sharp turn away from what it is, into much more peace, love, freedom and joy. Do you want me to accompany and support you on the way?  Yes?
Just use the contact form to tell me you are ready to start the journey, and I will propose us to have a free initial talk.
Individual Angel journeys into leading to more love, peace, freedom and joy in your life




In these workshops you get a deeper personal experience in the chosen subject, grow confidence in your connection and receive a good opportunity to have your questions answered. Sharing in a non-judgmental environment is healing and nourishing for the soul.
Get to Know the Angels
Connecting with the Divine through Writing
Space and Energy Clearing in Your Home
Self-love and Gratitude
Angel Card Reading



Do you already enjoy meditation or are you new to this practice?
Either way, meditation offers you a return to your center – to your inner power.
This is an opportunity to take a step back from the business of modern life, experience inner peace and reconnect with your soul.
Meditation Evenings
Meditation at work


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What’s on now?
Get to know the Angels June 12, 2016

Tuesday* evening Meditations 19.15-21.15
*first Tuesday a month except July, Aug, Dec.

Have a look what others say?
“I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne whilst working in Brussels, where I was able to sit with her and her beautiful calming energy…” Check more success stories


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